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Aside from being your own boss, and calling your own shots as an independent taxi cab driver, we will teach you to distinguish or "separate" yourself from the competition so that they will always call your number.  Remember, the key to maintaining long term clientele is to treat them fairly, talk to them, and have fun.

How many times have you gotten into a taxi only to find a non-social taxi driver?  And, then say to yourself, well, I hope I don't end up with them again.

It's all about common sense, and we have created this award winning guide to show you how to launch your own taxi business with virtually no financial risk, where you will realize immediate steady income.

The thing is, there is a common misconception that you as a taxi driver must work long shifts, in the dead of night.  Yes, that is true if you work for a big name taxi cab company, but if you run your own mini-taxi cab business, you will decide how many hours you want to make yourself available.

And, if you play your cards right, which we show you how, you will make just as much as a taxi cab driver working 8-10 hour shifts, in less than 3 hours.  This is done by targeting & timing your pick up points.  It's all about maximizing your time to cater to multiple clients in a single time frame or shift.  We have the formula, and we are now making it PUBLIC!!!

Below, you will find some of what is included in your top selling e-Book!!!


Table of Contents


Taking care of the admin

Free and low cost advertising
Business Startup
Day-To-Day Operations
Distinguishing Yourself From The Competition
A Recession Proof Job Opportunity
Safety Tips
Domestic or International Startup Formula
Targeting & Timing An Area For Service
Making it work better
Buying your taxicab and equipment


Below, you will find a list of Government & Small Business Grant Guides, Venture Capital Firms & Investors, Special Funding Sources, Financial eBooks and Free/Low Cost Advertising Methods which are included free with our taxi business guide bonus eBook package.

Additional Information

About Bonus eBook Package

Bonus eBook - Venture Capital Secrets

Venture Capital Secrets eBook - Venture Capital Sources & List of Investors - In addition, you will be given access to our exclusive eBook "Venture Capital Sources" that you can use to find out how to go about obtaining capital from investors and the domestic and international contacts needed to succeed.

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Government, Public and Private Grant

 eBooks & Guides

GOVERNMENT GRANTS: Within our bonus eBook package, you will find several Government, Public and Private Grant Guides and Resources that will assist you securing the funding you need through public and private grants for your taxi business. All forms, contacts and references are provided within the guides.

120 + Free/Low Cost Advertising Methods

FREE/LOW COST ADVERTISING METHODS:  Over 120 + Free/Low Cost Ways To Advertise: With this .pdf file, you will find a detailed list of all of the ways we advertise for free or at a low cost to advertise our taxi  business that have proven reliable for over 30 years. You'll learn how to tap into the Pay-Per-Inquiry radio market where you can advertise free. You will also find all of the free local, regional and Internet Based free advertising methods that you can use to boost your business without busting your budget.

Over 5000 Investors, Venture Capital Firm Directories & Related Contact Information

5000 International Investors & Venture Capital Firms directory - Access this exclusive private list of taxi business investors & industry specific venture capital firms. Included, you will find phone and fax numbers, web site & email addresses, and full addresses. You won't find another taxi investor directory like ours!!!!


Licensure, Town Regulations & Startup Costs

Upon opening and viewing our eBook on how to start a profitable taxi cab business, you will find all of the pertinent information & resources you need to get licensed, and find out about town regulations so that you will comply, along paying the associated start-up costs "if any".

Remember, all you need is a couple of things to get going and begin operating your own on-call taxi service.

Most would-be taxi cab drivers have this belief that there is an excessive amount of paperwork, liability, training & documents required.  The fact is, all you have to do is show up at a couple of town offices, fill out the paperwork, and pay a couple of fees.

Startup is easy, and we are one of the only web sites on the Internet that actually take you by the hand, from start to finish, so that you will begin a profitable full, part-time or on call independent or commercial taxi cab service.

All resources, tools, links, forms & information is provided within our comprehensive, simple 5-point startup guide.


Independent or Commercial Cab Companies

Whether it is your intention to start a one-man independent taxi cab service, or a multi-driver tax cab Commercial service, you will find everything you need to get started in our turnkey guide. 

If you have never driven a taxi before, we suggest starting out slow.  After you are comfortable in the business, and know how to operate a cab & have the administration "inbound caller" part taken care of, you then can grow.

Our guide is designed to provide you with the key knowledge, tools and resources for you to quickly, in a simple step-by-step formula, manage a one-driver or mass scale cab company.

And, who says you even need to drive?  If you want, you may hire or pay a driver on a commission basis to drive your taxi for you.  Your job will be simply to handle and dispatch the closest taxi driver to the customer that has requested a taxi, manage finances and kick back.  Your net take home will be approximately up to 70% of whatever the driver earns in a single shift.

Our guide is the only publication that describes how to operate a micro or multi-staffed cab service without you having to get behind a wheel.  You will just collect the cash at the end of the night.

We are a group of taxi cab drivers & business owners who have a combined experience of over 70 years in the business, and we can honestly say that you will be able to maximize your income potential, working only at a bare minimum, simply by managing your operation in the most efficient manner.


Income Potential

The income potential driving a taxi is astronomical, especially if you know when & what times of the day to make yourself available.

Whether you choose to start a one-person taxi cab company, or mass-scale commercial taxi service with multiple employees, there are dozens of government grant programs at your disposal that are there for the taking.  All you have to do is download the forms, and wait to receive the start-up public service grant to come in that you NEVER HAVE TO PAY BACK, because it is considered a public investment for the good of the town. Then, just follow our guide.

A SELF OPERATED INDEPENDENT TAXI SERVICE:  If you're looking to own and operate your own on-call one-person taxi cab company, you can expect to make up to $100k/year within a two year time frame.  The first year you may only make $30-50k, but the next year you could make up to $100k depending on how you operate your business, and it will only go up from there over time.  Your base "loyal" clientele will provide the foundation for long term revenue growth.

But best of all,  since you are a business owner, you will be able to write nearly all of your expenses off, such as gas, auto maintenance, and fees paid to the city or state.  Government grants have been made available by politicians at every level to ensure your business thrives, regardless of economic condition.

COMMERCIAL TAXI CAB SERVICE: Now, if you're looking to go for the gold, this is the way to go, but just keep in mind you will need to dedicate yourself to this business.  A multi-staffed commercial taxi cab service with 5-10 drivers can generate up to a combined $500k a year based on the most recent statistics and our experience.  Your net take-home will be at least $250k/year.  You will simply be in charge of administration, advertising & maintenance of cars.  You, and or someone you hire will take inbound calls from people who need to be picked up, and you will dispatch them over a in-car radio network you will set up.  Your dispatch center can be from your home,  or a small garage.  And, the wonderful thing about starting your own staffed commercial cab service, is that there are a treasure trove of city, state & federal benefits.  The tax-write off's and exemptions are UNBELIEVABLE!!!


A No Fluff Taxi Cab Business Startup Guide


You won't find any useless or filler content in our guidebook.  If you have done any research at all on the web on the topic of starting a taxi cab company, you will know by now that a majority of the sites out there just provide a basic overview on how to get started.  Publications on the topic don't cover the essential real-world knowledge to succeed in the business by minimizing time, and maximizing profits. 

Also, contrary to common belief, a taxi driver does not have to work 80 hours a week to make a decent living.    We've always taken the "WORK SMART, NOT HARD" approach to the business.  Let the other taxi drivers work long, tedious shifts and burn up their gas.  Our formula puts you where you need to be to make the most money in the biz so you don't end up being the driver that doesn't produce!!!



Distinguishing Yourself From The Competition

This section describes the importance of distinguishing yourself from the competition so that your taxi is called on before the others are.  We developed a crucial list of things you must know to keep your customers coming back to you.

You see, like in any other business, it is vital that you make your customers feel good & comfortable with you.  Nobody likes a cold, negative taxi driver.  We show you ways to break the ice, and use tight-lipped conversational techniques to network through your customer as your driving them to their final destination.

By demonstrating that you actually care about your customer, you will win their trust, confidence and most importantly, LOYALTY!

This section also provides a never before published list of over 100 ways you can advertise for free or at virtually no cost to you in your city that we compiled, which, also by the way can be used to promote any other service-oriented company.  This list of marketing methods & techniques is a must have for new start up businesses that just don't have the money to advertise.



A Recession Proof Job Opportunity

The taxi cab driver, whether working for a big name taxi cab company or driving for themselves, rarely ever has to worry about losing his/her job, that's because taxi drivers are everywhere, and are always in demand.  People are always going to need a ride here and there.  Hundreds of dollars can potentially in a single night "particularly on the weekends" by following our turnkey, taxi cab business startup formula. 

Forget worrying about if the company you work for will lay you off due to slowing economic times.  In this business, you call your own shots, work as often as you want, while making more than the average American worker.


Domestic or International Startup Formula




We have all gathered together and contributed our years of knowledge to this powerful startup guide.  We carefully designed & crafted it so that our turnkey, A-Z taxi cab business startup plan could not only be applied in the United States, but other countries as well which has already been deployed in multiple economies and countries.  In fact, over half of the people who purchase our guide are from foreign countries looking to start their own profitable taxi service.

There's no question that the taxi cab business has the potential to offer a substantial amount of income for an independent taxi driver or commercial, multi-employee company. 

Whether you are from North America, South America, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Australia, New Zealand or any other region, our A-Z taxi cab business startup guide will help you begin earning immediate profits.

In the International Section of our guide, you will find links to International Government Grants offered by dozens of foreign countries that exist to benefit local economies, along with our universally applied 5-point startup formula that never fails.




Targeting & Timing An Area For Service


Securing market share by targeting times & areas to drive is the key to success in this business.   With our guide, you will learn how to identify which times of day is best for you to operate your taxi, and most importantly the hot spots where potential customers are most likely to flag you down.

By analyzing and carefully observing your hometown or area you will be covering, you will have the upper hand.  We offer a set of guidelines for you to follow to successfully identify & efficiently operate your taxi in areas of any given city, which will in turn help you generate a decent income for the day.

By making yourself available at popular points of interest in your city, you're halfway there.  And, of course, operating your taxi so it stands out from the rest is what will ultimately be your key to success.

The Targeting & Timing section of our guide will take you step-by-step, and teach you in a simple format how to effectively target your market share.









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